Mr. Ian M. Belcurry

My name is Brian McElmurry. I like literature and skateboarding. My novella Rocket Man was recently published as an Ebook by Thought Catalog

70’s Analog Reruns Bowl-Cut

The heat has stopped time.
The neighbors tuned an analog
receiver and played a 70’s song, like Steeley Dan, but I don’t think it.
William Burroughs had a 4.5 inch penis; I read that in a book.
I want to hear the band that did all that karate kid music.
I want to watch “gleaming the cube” but it seems out-of-print, but haven’t checked YouTube.
I watched it in the 8th grade and it was called “a brother’s justice”
Tony Hawk plays a pizza delivery driver-skater dude.

Neighbors now singing along to
The Eagles, “take it easy”
They’re drunk.

Records take a lot of room.
That’s why people got rid of them.
Old thought to think.

Digital space, no spaces for analog.
Reading an encyclopedia as a child.
Taught 2 spaces after period by grandmother who worked at a newspaper in Chicago.
Shorted out their word processor after they died.

Took the dogs for a walk with
Lightening in the south, no
Thunder only a little wind
Downtown skyline and south
Sky of light, two dogs walking.

Me posting previous post. Via wife on coach in parents’ den.

Me posting previous post. Via wife on coach in parents’ den.

Selfies with Franklyn. Temecula, CA

… I recalled it at last exactly, no longer injecting it with suffering, but rather, on the contrary, as we recall certain days in summer which we found too hot while they lasted, and from which only after they have passed do we extract their unalloyed essence of pure gold and indestructible azure.

—Marcel Proust, The Captive & The Fugitive, pg. 656

This is how I found the pupperino in the bedroom.