Mr. Ian M. Belcurry

My name is Brian McElmurry. I like literature and skateboarding. My novella Rocket Man was recently published as an Ebook by Thought Catalog


nikesb just released Ishod Wair’s insane last part from the Chronicles Vol. 2 video online.

Looking at the Internet
Once your youthful ideals have died

I’m like fuck yeah that would be nice, and yeah no one wants to be a boring middle aged person working 40 hours, and I know you’re not going to be one, but then you are and you look at youthful ideals and wish you were young and my knee hurts when it’s cold and I’ve pulled some shit in knee so makes skateboarding hard and yeah sucks for Palestine and yeah I want equality, but I’m just surviving not much I can do but like keep an open mind and critique myself and be like Michael Jackson and I’m all about the man in the mirror and making me better and make the change, heee! (Michael Jackson heee!)

The internet isn’t anything to get pissed about

It’s just like a giant circle reflecting on itself

You want to know my thoughts on Justin Bieber… No you don’t

But I mean he’s 19 and a millionaire

He had security close down the street and a little weed Xanax and beer ain’t too crazy

Stay away from the yayo or the opiates though

You see I suck… Clitoris, lol

I’m waiting for my therapist. I often, while waiting, hope he forgot and I can just go home. This will cost me 78 dollars with my insurance until I spend 1000 dollars. I spent a 1000 dollars and a little over, mostly on therapy last year. Once I reach my deductible its 15 dollars a session. That him now, coming down the elevator.

George Harrison Commutes on the Bus and Walks in Morning Air

Every sky is a different sky
Every morning is a different morning

The essence of life in the morning light, new and fresh, even when cold and snow

The sky will exist without you, when you die, but to view the sky at dusk down an alley, red, on the bus, a silhouetted crane and elevator shaft of a new building west of downtown, you view the sky, experience the sky, existing within and without you

A peace comes and leaves as does all feelings

What is the self, but an illusion to laugh at in retrospect and destroy the joy of life in the present

I say this is me, and this is me and this is me now and this is me then

Death will come but sometimes I wish it would come sooner

The morning air is a salve, like spring, save us from the beauty of frost, death, the end of this self and a bridge to the next

I had read that later in the volumes of Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time”, he calls the narrator Marcel, twice, by “mistake” it seemed to had been characterized, if memory serves me. I have finally come across it in The Captive, and it should be noted that he writes, “if we give the narrator the same name of the author of the book…” as a way of giving the example of Albertine waking and addressing the narrator. While the narrator and him are similar, the book is not a fictionalization of his life, but a melding of memories of a character like Proust, in experience, but changed and used to further a vision rather than an autobiographical novel.

This might help a lone google searching Proust reader, as there isn’t a lot of Proust answers online. Like how old is the narrator?

Franklyn from 8 weeks to 9 months

There’s a 50 yr old woman knitting on the bus with a content look on her face, her eyes down, barely open like a blind person.
I often spend over $10 a day on burritos.
Breakfast and lunch.
I order carnitas when I feel minorly suicidal because afterwards I feel minorly like I’m dying.
I’m getting off the bus now.